Global Director of Trait and Technologies

Can you imagine what a vegetable seed company of the future will look like? Does the thought of making the future a reality get you excited? Are you familiar with patent strategy and patent application? Do you have experience working in Seed R&D?

We are seeking passionate candidates to help Hazera transform the ways we provide value to our customers. Working collaboratively with all colleagues in Hazera and Limagrain Vegetables Seeds, we promote the development and application of key traits and technologies, identify and deploy breakthrough solutions that will improve breeding and research activities. Together, with our customers, we are redefining the future of vegetable seed business and developing innovative solutions to improve variety development.

The objective of the Global Director of Trait and Technologies is to be responsible for the execution of the global strategic “Trait and Technologies” plan with its associated budget. The successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to build strong internal and external relationships and deliver traits, technologies and services to breeders and scientists. He or she will have experience in a Plant Breeding, Trait development and Technology integration and will be based in Israel or Netherlands. He or she will be reporting to the Head of R&D. The Trait and Technologies teams are located in Brurim (Israel), Warmenhuizen (Netherlands) and Rilland (Netherlands). The position is part of R&D Management Team and the Global Leadership Forum. Functional relationships extend into the Limagrain Group towards trait/domain/crop coordinators of Limagrain’s Vegetable Seed Division.

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מחשב – אור’ טובה

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